Yoga is an ancient form of movement with various postures and breathing techniques. It promotes balance, flexibility, strength and relaxation. This is a perfect compliment to your workout. There are various forms of practices that emphasize more powerful moves, relaxation/breathing or more flexibility and balance. “Integrative” refers to a variety of yoga practices rolled into one class. Some classes are called out specifically for their style of practice, otherwise all yoga classes will be considered “basic” or “open” which are great for everyone! Vinyasa Yoga “Vinyasa”, meaning flowing, is a variation of the hatha style yoga. Everyone will enjoy an increase in strength and endurance, along with a tonification of body and mind. For all levels.Please insert your text here.


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Pilates is a method of body conditioning that uses a system of stretching and strengthening exercises to tone muscles, improve posture and increase flexibility. It is designed to work the deepest muscles in the body and specifically targets the “core” or trunk which serves as a support for the entire body. Mat based Pilates is done without equipment and the body serves to add resistance and create balanced tension to better isolate the muscles.

Participants will learn the basic & intermediate Pilates repertoire exercises. Every 4 - 6 weeks new exercises will be added on to challenge core strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. The class will move in a constant flow moving from one exercise to the next providing a total body workout integrating your abs, upper and lower body.
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